The AUA LL.M. program aims at preparing high-caliber, English-speaking legal advisers, advocates and researchers, with a high sense of integrity, who are conversant in international best practices in the field of law and committed to serving both public and private sectors with the goal of protecting the rights of Armenia and Armenians domestically and internationally and fostering Armenia’s continued development into a prosperous and just country.

The AUA LL.M. program is proud of the scores of professionals and scholars who have gained new skills and insights through their study at AUA and who apply their knowledge for the betterment of society in public service and private practice. Well-trained attorneys contribute in practical ways to:

  • Efficiency and stability of transactions
  • Security and protection of investments
  • Protection and promotion of fundamental rights and freedoms
  • Expedience and fairness in dispute resolution
  • Identifying and applying best practice in law and policy
  • Prudent design and improvement of laws, regulations, policies, institutions and legal frameworks