Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clinic


About the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clinic

Established in 2012 and located within the LL.M program at the American University of Armenia the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Clinic is an Institution designed for practitioners, students and younger members of the ADR community.

The ADR Clinic’s aim is to:

● Promote the use of international arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, both regionally and internationally by introducing new practitioners from Armenia and all corners of the globe into the practice of arbitration and mediation;
● Facilitate networking amongst young arbitration practitioners in Armenia and all over the world, provide opportunities to engage with international arbitration practitioners to network and promote the sharing of knowledge, insights, and expertise;
● Organize skill-based training programs, seminars, workshops, and social events to enable the young arbitration community to exchange views, take guidance from senior arbitration practitioners and ascertain the needs of end-users;
● Provide young professionals interested in dispute resolution with access to each other and to the international arbitration and mediation community.

ADR Clinic primary activities consist of:

● Organization of the Annual Mock Arbitration Competition;
● Organization of lectures, seminars, and courses in the field of arbitration and mediation;
● Organization of research activities in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Participation in the ADR Clinic is open to law students, practitioners, and other interested parties. To learn more about the ADR Clinic and activities the latter organizes you can connect to the Clinic through our Facebook and Twitter profiles and our LinkedIn page.



Membership in ADR Clinic is free and open to all young arbitration and mediation practitioners, law students, and other professionals with an interest in alternative dispute resolution.

To become a member of the Clinic you need to fill in the application form and send it to the email address.

Members will be provided with an opportunity to participate in all the activities ADR Clinic organizes. Members will also receive advance notice of conferences, training seminars and other networking events of interest arranged by ADR Clinic and other arbitration-related institutions.


Annual Mock Arbitration Competition

Please see below the 2019 Mock Arbitration Competition case and related documents. The 2020 Mock Arbitration competition is planned to be held in March next year. The information will be available starting from November 2019 on this page.

1․Mock competition case/Դատախաղի գործը

2․Mock Arbitration Competition participation rules/Արբիտրաժ խաղ մրցույթի մասնակցության կանոնները

3․ Oral round rules of the competition /Արբիտրաժ խաղ մրցույթի բանավոր փուլի կանոններ

4․ Participation Application for Mock Arbitration Competition/ Արբիտրաժ խաղ մրցույթի մասնակցության հայտ

5․ Written submission sample/Գրավոր դիրքորոշման նմուշ

6․ Mock Arbitration Competition time schedule/Արբիտրաժ խաղ մրցույթի ժամանակացույց



Anush Hokhoyan – Are All Foreign Arbitration Awards Enforceable in Armenia? (2019)
Anush Hokhoyan – What Happens when an Award is Set Aside? (2019)
Aram Aghababyan –Application of the FET Standard in Armenia and USA BIT (1992) in Case of Denial of Justice (2018)